hebrew type issue

hello, I try to make a prezi, but when I’m type in Hebrew, It’s just typing it backwards. what shell i do?

Hi Mark

when writing in Hebrew press the left arrow button on your keyboard after each letter you type (after space as well)…

We are still looking forward for anabling the hebrew langauge support.
 I believe it will open new markets for you guys, cuase Hebrew and Arabic, are both right-to-left. 
Is this feature is on your to so list, anytime soon?

Lot’s of Israelis love your product, and there lot’s of big and global companies here in Israel, as you probably know.

BTW, hebrew is not supported at all, in the Next Prezzi mode. the classic does have a sort of a solution, but the new one none. i write and the letters doesn’t even show up. 

Can you at least try that the hebrew and Arabic will be shown, even as inversed as in the classic mode?

thanx :slight_smile: