HELP! Content not displaying!

My presentation, Learning Theories - Week 2, displays my content in the overview. But, when I begin the presentation it appears the template is overlaying/blocking my content.

How might I “reconnect” my content so I can present the information?

Thank you!

Hi @Lisa_Brunick, Prezi uses templates that come with a predesigned structure to get you started, and can be edited to fit your content. In your presentation, the content is added to the overview, not inside the topics (the blue circles). The presentation’s path, however, follows the topic order. There are two solutions I recommend:

  1. Copy the elements you added to the overview and paste them inside the topics. (The blue circles)
  2. Delete your existing topics, and add a zoom area around the elements you added to the presentation.

I’m unable to zoom in to the presentation to be able to copy my content to move to the topics. When I created the prezi, I was able to simply zoom in and move around the presentation without going to the individual topic level.

Thank you for your assistance!

Hi @Lisa_Brunick, what happened here is that the content of the presentation was placed ON the overview instead of inside the topics. We created a Copy of this presentaion on your dashboard where we removed the topics. In this short clip I’m showing you how you can zoom to the images you inserted, I hope this will help.