Help with multiple objects and animations in a subtopic


The “grouped” images do not animate at the same time. I have to click for every item to fade in that was “grouped”. This is just ANOTHER thing that the development team needs to work on. It looks like Next really does not have a “group” option. . . . :frowning:

How to group images?

Check your Animations list and completely clear it out. Then try the grouping instructions outlined above. I’m wondering if you don’t have some previous attempts still loading before the group? Because I definitely use the grouped fade in/out all the time, so I think we can problem-solve a bit more to get you to where you need to be. (It could certainly be a bug specific to your license, but the feature truly does work on Next & hopefully it can work for you ASAP as well.)


I did that and if I only wnat to fade in a bunch of objects at one time, it does work, but I need to do more than just one animation (fade in and out) in this subtopic. I will have to figure out another work around. Very frustrating since it worked flawlessly in Classic. It is strange to me that you can only do one type of animation in a subtopic. I need to fade in a black box to cover a photo then fade it back in and then fade other pictures around the original pictures. It does not seem to work. . . will have to figure something out. Trying ot keep my boss from scapping Prezi altogether. I hope Prezi comes up with an update real soon!


I wish I could see your screen! :eyes: If you had time to screen shot I’d be happy to puzzle through, just to see… The way to group is definitely different between Classic & Next. From what you describe it sounds like you really should be able to accomplish your goal, though. You might need to have the main photo in there twice, have you tried that?

-Photo A (1st instance) is there already
-FADE IN black box
-FADE IN Photo A (2nd instance) over black box
-FADE IN additional grouped images

Am I coming close?


Close, but not quite. It works so perfectly in Classic because I can automatically zoom into the first photo without revealing the outside photos, fade in a black box and then zoom out and reveal the original photo and outside photos. It was so easy in Classic and now I have to do so much more prep work in Photoshop. It looks like I have to completely construct the “slide” before I even think about putting it in Next and then fade the black box out and then fade the new “slide” in, but that is an extra click for my presenters and it will break up the flow.


OK, gotcha, so how about this? Last idea, just in case… Can you accomplish similar by creating a ‘zoom area’ animation as step one (so hopefully less disruptive overall) and then proceed exactly as you had done before edit Nah, I don’t think that’s going to do it either, as I continue to think about it. Shoot. I feel so close. If I come up with anything else after messing around, I will let you know.


Yeah, I am so close. The problem is that with Next the subtopic “page” must be seen in its entirety rather than just “flying” to the picture that I want to start out with. So frustrating! I am having to spend so much more time on these presentations now. I am still using Classic, but we have also found that flash is NOT compatible with other tools that conferences use, ie Presenter Pro. I had to completely reconstruct some of our stuff and use PowerPoint due to this problem. That is one reason why I was so excited for Next, but so far, not impressed.


Do you know what the dimensions of the background boundary is? I know you should do only 2400px or less, but I cannot seem to find the dimensions. I need this for my current situation. . .


It uses the full 16:9 aspect ratio, which is 1280 x 720 px in HD, but 1024 x 576 is pretty common too. Is that what you mean?


Exactly! I am going to have to construct a full page graphic and wanted to make sure I got the dimensions correct before I waste time making something that will not fit properly. Thanks!


So, what is the black box for, exactly? How about something like this (and the text could be your black box for example)? link removed


CLOSE! The black box is to black out the first photo, but I think I convinced my main presenter who has worked with Classic that we can just fade it out, but I still will need to create the full page and fade it in. I am working with it. you have been great in helping be think a bit outside of the Classic box. :slight_smile: I will let you know if it works.


So I did a work- around and I think it will work. :slight_smile:


I’m so happy to hear that! And glad I might have helped in the process :grin: Tag me any time… I enjoy a good puzzle every now & again, and definitely don’t want anyone to be more frustrated than they have to be!