Help with Prezi Classic YouTube error


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I have run into difficulty with inserting YouTube videos into my Prezi classic presentation. Though I am inserting the video link using the standard insert procedure (i.e., coping the YouTube URL link into the YouTube insert dialogue box), the video itself does not appear. That is to say, all that appears is a box box with “YouTube” in the corner. The video does not play or otherwise appear in my Prezi.

I attempted to locate a help article on the Prezi site to resolve the issue, but was unsuccessful. Accordingly, I’m reaching out to the Prezi next community to see if others have encountered this error, and if so, what you may have done to resolve it.

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@Kevin_Henze Please make sure that there are no firewall/adblock settings blocking Prezi and its features.

If the tips in this post don’t solve the issue, please send us the link of the presentation so we can investigate it directly. Thanks in advance.


I am having the same issue with my youtube video. It is just a black screen and I have tried unblocking everything, but it still continues to have a black screen and not play. Please help, I need the video to play in my prezi!


Hi @madeline_wiggins, I merged your topic into the relevant thread.

Please try to test the presentation on a different device and/or different network and if it still doesn’t solve the problem, please send us the link of the presentation in question so we can test is as well. Thanks in advance.


I will try it on another computer, however, how do I send you the link if it still doesn’t work?


@madeline_wiggins, If you wish, you can share the link here in this thread or send it directly to me as a private message, thanks in advance.


This is the link to my Prezi. I have tried uploading YouTube videos from two other computers (Dell and Acer) and on both, the videos showed up the exact same as they did on my Mac.



I’m having the same problem. I would like to play my prezi with embedded YouTUbe link tomorrow morning. Hopefully it can be solved by then! Here’s the video i want to play

And here’s my prezi;

It’s on slide 18


Actually I prefer this one, with no English subtitles:


this is the YouTube video I would like to use and its on the slide that says “youtube video”


@madeline_wiggins I created a Support Copy of your presentation with the video inserted. When you open the presentation for presenting from the dashboard, you should be able to play it without any issues.

@Andrea_Dvorak Sorry we could not get back to you earlier, if there are no firewall settings blocking the insertion, this should also resolve the issue on your end as well.

Please check this post on the Prezi Classic forum with an explanation.


Sorry I don’t understand your answer of how to fix this. Although it did not work on Saturday, i will be using this prezi again in the future and would like to get it fixed!


@Andrea_Dvorak Have you tried opening the presentation for presenting from the editor or from the dashboard with the play button? In the second case, the video should be functioning properly, could you test it please?


OK, got it – I had not tried it from the dashboard, and it does work there.
It does NOT work in the editor, but I can just remember that.


Issue Resolved


Nevermind, I used your suggestion above and started it from the dashboard instead of the editing one. THANK YOU!