Hide frames until they are needed within the presentation


For example, if a frame implies child frames which are really small, I usually only see some pixels within the parent frame until I zoom to the child frames. This doesn’t look very nice and therefore I want to hide These child frames until the presentation reaches them in the presentation path.

How do you group the frame as well? 

I had suggested earlier that it would be nice if small content would become invisible at a certain zoom stage and that the visibility threshold could be a parameter set by the user

I am wondering if you can do this the other way around. I would like to show the full content of a frame first time up, then go back to specific elements within the frame. So, I have a heading with four bullets under it. First time, I want to show it all. Then I want to spend more time talking about each of the four elements, so have them come up one at a time.

I have tried duplicating the slide and animating it only the second time, but none of the bullets show the first time when I do that. Any idea of how I might accomplish this?

Indeed, I have this same problem, you should be able to define the level of zoom (e.g. smaller content not showing in the overal picture)

Can I group a single object to a frame without also grouping it to everything in the frame?

For example: I have a heading for a slide and then I want it to zoom in (new frame) and have content appear under the heading when it zooms in, without a separate click to make the content appear. So it should be: Click-frame with header, click zoom in and content appears under header. When I try to group my content with my frame, it groups in the header as well, since the header is within both frames. How do I group with just the frame?

Update: I managed to group the object with the frame using “alt+shift+click” and I added the fade-in effect to the group, but it still requires two clicks: one to get to the frame, and one to make the content appear. If they are animated as a group, why aren’t they happening at the same time? 

Thanks Vera. This does work, but I was hoping I could have it zoom in closer when the objects appear. So the header shows the big idea, then it zooms in closer and shows more detailed content, but the header is still in the frame. Is this possible?

I know the header won’t stay the same size and I’m okay with that. What I’m wanting is for the content to appear at the same time that it goes to the next frame (zoomed in), without having to click in between. 

Thanks for your help, Vera. We ended up dropping all of the animation because the presenter who I was making the Prezi for didn’t want to have to click multiple times to have content appear. In the future, it would be a neat feature to be able to add in a timer for animations so that you click to go to that frame and then after so many seconds (or milliseconds) the animation automatically starts.

I know there is the “play” feature, but that makes everything automatic, which we don’t want. It would be great to have certain parts activate on click and then other parts happen on a timer. 

Suggestion - add a setting where a frame is not visible until the presentation reaches the frame.

Along this theme - it’s be really nice to be able to bury/hide content somewhere. There Appendix type content I’d like to have accessible in a presentation, but only if it’s asked for (as in easter egg it somewhere/somehow).