Hide Slides


One feature I do not see is the ability to hide slides. As I create presentations, other ideas come up, but need more work. I would like to start on a slide but not have it show during a presentation. In Power Point, I am able to hide slides.


Hello @Mark_Krukowski, currently it’s not possible to hide topics/subtopics in Prezi Next, but we will forward your feedback to our development team.

As a workaround, you can create a copy of the presentation and work on those subtopics. When they are finished, you can simply copy them to the original presentation :slight_smile:

@Mark_Krukowski as @Catarina says, or couldn’t you also put into a topic that you skip over manually? One nice thing about navigating in Next is the ability to move around non-linearly. That way you keep a single presentation and can drag completed thoughts into different positions as they are finalized, all within the original. Worth a try maybe.