Hiding items in the path

A nice feature would be the ability to to create an object (text, diagram, file, whatever) and then designate it as a “hidden” item. You would add the item to the prezi path like any other item, but it would only become visible to the viewer when the path arrived at that item.

This would give the creator the option of creating a timeline, for example, and “unhiding” the dates (thereby making them appear on the timline) without having to constantly zoom from one place to another.

Love the app, by the way!

Hi there,

Great idea. I’ll forward this along to our developers for consideration.


Although this feature is marked as being implemented I am not able to figure out how to use it. Can anybody please provide with an explanation?


The topic is marked as completed because as noted above, it is not currently available, however Jay’s request has been forwarded to our development team, thus completing the feature request.

Do you have any ideas for better implementation of hiding/revealing objects?


So please change the category of the idea into either the following: (atleast not implemented)

-Under consideration
-Not planned

Else its confusing for the forum users…