High resolution images

Hi Everyone!

Has the image resolution issue been resolved yet or is it something that will never be fixed, and if so is are there any alternatives on the market?

I used Prezi about 1.5 years ago, I’ve ben working on a new project for client and pitched the idea of being able to zoom in to details on a map thinking Prezi would be even better by now, came to use Prezi, found everything to be pixelated and found on the forum (but posts from a year ago) that Prezi is now stopping people uploading vectors and high res images etc.

Has this been amended? Has anyone found an alternative? Are there any work arounds?

It would be really a shame to have to change this idea!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Prezi keeps their image resolution down in order to maximize performance. This isn’t usually a problem unless you are using zoom areas within an image. Zooming in on a 1500 px png will cause pixilation. If you need to zoom, use a pdf instead. It won’t pixilate. See my article on how to Optimize your Images for Prezi.

Robin Pierman, Prezi Expert from www.teachmeprezi.com

same problem​:sob::sob::sob:
but the android prezi viewer app works fine
so please try to fix the apple app