highlight in a straight line

I am unable to either draw a straight line using the shift key or any other shortcut (I didn’t find this in the manual either) and I can not select text for highlight, make it a different color, or use the shift key with the highlight tool to highlight in a straight line.

I am almost sure this is an oversight or got engineered out of a time constraint but this is a fairly huge requirement to get into the professional space to make text pop out somehow. I am almost certain that the ability to use the highlight tool with a straight line, or a 45deg 90deg etc. is a very simple feature to add, changing text color could be very difficult depending on how it is engineered but basically having some way to highlight a space without freehand would get my problem 90% of the way there I am sure.

Also I noticed that you smooth fit the highlighted curves, very nicely done, now to make it easier to not have any curve in the highlighted line…

I changed the status of this post to an “idea” so it will be reviewed by the team. Thanks for posting!!