Highlight Object after clicking


Is there a way to highlight an object after clicking on it? I’d light to give a visual reminder of all the topics I’ve covered as the presentation moves along.


It is a very interesting idea, however, it is currently not possible in Prezi Next.


You can add an animation that fades in after the topic. For example, I have a practice project in my online Prezi course that is a meeting agenda. Each agenda item is in a different topic. For each item, it zooms in to the topic, zooms back out, then a checkmark appears next to the agenda item to indicate that that item was addressed. It’s a nice way to visually show your progress through the presentation. My example uses a checkmark, but you could use the same idea to add a semi-transparent highlight over the text when the topic has been completed.

You can see an example of the practice project I have described if you watch the free preview of my course, Master Prezi Next: Beginner through Expert Projects.

Robin Pierman, Independent Prezi Expert