Home and zoom buttons


I miss the home and zoom +/- buttons. Sometimes it is difficult to stop zooming and I find myself in the overview.


Thank you for the feedback, @Zsofia_Szalay. We understand that these buttons could be useful and we’re happy to forward your feedback to our product managers.

In the meantime, please know that you can use the arrow button to go back “one layer” and you can scroll to the beginning of the presentation to reproduce the home button effect as shown below.


Is it possible to have a link/button/text on every page that returns you to the ‘Overview’ page, rather than having to click ‘back’ numerous times?


@Pete_Rowden currently it’s not possible to go back to the overview with one click but I’ve merged your request to the respective thread and we’ll update it with any news!



Is it possible to add an action (BACK, BACK TO HOME or GO TO SLIDE … ) for the custom icon or any other element?

I’m considering to use Prezi presentation on a touchscreen for museum exhibition. Only thing I miss for that is such option.



@Vil_Muhametshin for the time the only button you can use for these purposes is the arrow that returns you to the previous topic. I’ve merged your request to the topic discussing the same feature, we will update this thread with any news if our product team decides to work on it.


A homebutton is also important to me!!!



Are there any news on this issue?

I’m deciding on which platform to stay for touchscreen museum exhibitions, so it would be great to know if there is a chance to add such function buttons in Prezi projects in near future?



It’s not going to be implemented in the very near future, I’m afraid.