How about transitions on the spot?

For special presentation needs it is sometimes better to stay on the spot and simply change the picture. (ok, let’s call it: interactive layering on the spot )

For example: first showing the body of a car, then showing the underlying technique and structure The effect and the learning would be considerably better if I haven’t to move away but stay on the spot simply changing the pictures (…and toggeling back and forth if necessary)

Hi albert, thanks for describing your idea in detail - helped me understand what you are suggesting. We have noted your idea. Thanks!

Count me in on this. This would be extremely helpful to us and I am guessing others who have to convey a lot of technical informaiton. Prezi is fantastic as a way to make our presentations feel that they are taking the clients somewhere, but when we need them to concentrate on graphic information, the motion thing is distracting. Our current workaround is to embed short movies/animations. That can be clumsy, though.