How are view links tracked for Prezi Analytics?

When sending a link to a large group of people, how does Prezi assign a “viewer” so that it can track how many times that same “viewer” has opened the link?

I want to resend the link to that group and do not want my analytics to show double tracking for those that use the link sent in that separate email to review. Also, in my case users are on the same work network or VPN.

Thank you!

Hello @Mitchell_Pope, the number of viewers marks how many different devices were used to view your presentation. For example, if you send your presentation’s link to a viewer, and it is viewed on both a mobile and desktop computer, you’ll see two different viewers.

The number of views, for instance, is measured according to how many times that particular viewer opens your presentation.

Having all this in consideration, you can have “double-tracking” if they choose to open the link using a different device, so I’d recommend you to warn your viewers to use the same device when opening the presentation :slight_smile:

Hope this could help!