How can I add an optional video?

My question is simple.
I have embedded YouTube videos in my Prezi Next. Everything is fine except I can’t start the video.
The only way I can get the video to play is by zooming into the video frame manually.
Clicking doesn’t start it.
This is driving me nuts. My theory is that there is a “frame” area on top of the video blocking it’s “clickability” but the command “bring to front” doesn’t solve the problem.

I don’t want the video to start as a part of the animation sequence since I want playing the video to be optional.

Any ideas?

Could you please share the link of your presentation with me so that I could have a look?

Here it is:
Link to prezi (in swedish…)

The Prezi is in swedish but as you click through I think you will easily find the YouTube videos I am referring to.

I have checked the presentation and it appears that one necessary animation was missing, you can see I added a “Zoom to” to the video:

The other video’s issue can be fixed with the same solution.

Hi Lana and thanks for taking the time to examine the presentation! Great to have such active support team!

However, as you can see in my original issue, I want the video as a resource and NOT as part of the animation sequence. Much like how I would use some videos in PowerPoint. If I choose to I can click the video thumbnail and get the video playing.
Can I add that in order for your suggestion to work, in my experience, I also need to follow the video “Zoom To” with a “Zoom to Area” otherwise I get stuck in the video until I reach a a “Zoom To…” in the animation sequence.

So, as you can see, unfortunately my issue still remains unresolved.

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I would like to propose a solution that requires a workaround:


As you can see in the video, a video opens up upon me clicking on the video thumbnail. It is achieved by placing a link typed with black font against the black background of the image that is a screenshot of the video thumbnail with a play button. It is shown here:


I do understand that it is not the simplest way, however, it enables you to choose whether you want to show the video to your audience or to just mention it is there and not play it during the presentation.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions in connection to this!

I tried this, adding an http-adress to achiev a clickable link… Guess what? It didn’t work.

Given these issues, and the overall change in usability and possibilities that have been lost in the switch from Classic to Next we have now taken the decision to stop our development using Prezi. MS Powerpoint has cleverly stolen some of your uniqueness by implementing a zoom-function and this allows us to achieve as good or better functionality compared to Prezi Next.
I personally hope you manage to reproduce a tool that is more like the classic prezi as that would probably help you keep your unique position.

Thanks for a good run.
Sincerely, Per-Oskar Westin

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