How can I adjust the speed of transitions?

How can i reduce the speed of the movement among the views? I’m not talking about the speed of autoplay.

Do you mean the speed depand from the the distance between two image or two text box? is not possible reduce or increase the speed indipendent from the distance between object?

In any case tank you so much Vera.

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Thanks for your quikly’s answers.

It is really disappointing to have no control at all on so many features of this software. I bought a pro version and what I get is a closed box that doesn’t allow real creativity. Allowing to adjust the speed of an animation should be a basic feature.


Thanks. But what are the chances that more of these control functions will be implemented on short term? The point is that, in my opinion, some of the limitations in the software are made with a very wrong kind of argument. An answer like: “If you’re referring to the speed of transitions, you can adjust that with the positioning of your content on your canvas. If you place items close to each other, the movement is more subtle. If objects are placed far from each other, the movement is more dramatic.” takes as a starting point not the objects on the canvas, but the animation itself. Prezi should take content and not animation as a starting point. Animation should be a help for presenting content that may need a very specific positioning or layout. I don’t want to change my object positioning (and so my story) because of a very specific characteristic of an animation. I want the animations adapt to my objects and my story. I hope this makes sense…

Any update on this… would be great to slow the transitions down between items… thank you

Hi Paul, unfortunately we have no update on this. Please keep posted in our announcements we have been developing great features for prezi.


Rather than start a new thread, I thought I’d ask here.  

I’m trying to make a Prezi using a map and I want to go between five geographic points.  Because I’m aware of the nausea inducing problems with fast zooming, I’ve tried to get around this.  

One small work around is to make the frames really large, almost touching, and then have the images much smaller.  It helps slow it down a bit, but I’m not sure what will happen when subsequent frames will get overlaid?  

Hi, any news about this “transition speed adjustment” feature?

I would also like to adjust speed between two transitions without having to reorganize all my “slides”.

I think it’s a good idea that speed changes automatically depending on the distance between two slides but it would be really good to be able to adjust it if needed. Sometimes (should I say often) using the “automatic” mode is perfect for 90% of the presentation but I would need to adjust the speed of transition only for one or two transitions.
A simple bar with a translating button would be enough.
Automatic transition speed would stay the automatic by default and if required advanced users could change it when needed.
This way you don’t lose beginners and keep the simplicity of prezi for simple presentations and more advanced users could go in more complex mapping and transitions.

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From a long date customer who converted its own company and few customers to prezi (but some of them quitted it due to lack of flexibility & recurring bugs/crash)

This feature would come in really handy using a featured background document or image where movement through the document or image is a major part of the presentation.