How can I animate my prezi's content?

I’d like some of my text to be hidden until I reach a certain point in the prezi. Can I fade-in text?

Yes, you can add fade-in, and many other animations by opening the animation sidebar. To do so, click on the animation icon in the top left part of the editor or go to View > Animations.

For more info, check the Using animations article in our Knowledge Base.

I was trying to recreate a power point slide using Next.
Please help me
following is the link for the PowerPoint!AsKbu1NemelwiPkmXI68tJ17zqSZwA?e=bsICyN

Thanks in advance

Hello @Reginald_Samuel, you can add a fade in animation in your Prezi presentation, please consult this tutorial. If you need further assistance feel free to reach out to us.

thank you for the help

i am not sure this is the right place to ask this question.
How can i start the presentation from slide one.
When i click the present it is taking to the last slide or the slide i left earlier.

Hello @Reginald_Samuel, most likely you are in Edit mode, that is why when you hit present you see the last slide. In case you’re done editing your presentation I would suggest going to your dashboard and selecting Present mode from there, and the presentation should start with the overview, unless you have selected a custom starting point.

Hi, I am trying to add to the path within my subtopic. meaning in wach of the bubbles, each text box should come up with a different click. like it opens to just the title, and then I click and it goes to the next text in the bubble and then I click again and it goes to the next text, etc… Is there a way to do that?
here is the link to my prezi.

Hi @Rabbi_YDR,
I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

You can add Fade-in animations to your presentation. Please check my colleagues’ replies above.

Hope this helps!

I am tasked with developing a presentation regarding an author’s travels. I would like to have little footsteps appear when I choose location B from location A.

I am beginning at the author’s birthplace – Detroit Mi. The next point on his journey is Chicago. When I click on Chicago, I’d like to have little feet signal his “travel”.

If you’ve seen Harry Potter, it would be like his map that shows people walking around Hogwarts.

Is something like that even possible?



Hi @Mark_Miller, I’ve merged your comment to the relevant thread. :slight_smile:
I have made a little video for you with a dummy presentation to show you how you can add small animated footsteps using icons between two topic - I think this could serve well your creative ideas. :slight_smile: You can find the video on this link.
Hope this helps!

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How can I animate different points of a slide? I have looked @ the animate videos. They don’t cover this aspect.

Hello @Dr_Mikeal_Hughes, I merged your post with the relevant thread. Please, check this video on how to animate specific content in your presentation, hope it could help! :slight_smile:

Hello, why in prezi classic i can’t use animation or add an animation to a photo?

Hey @Jiahao_Jackie_Qiu I’ve merged your question to the relevant thread.

Please check this article on how you can animate your Prezi Classic content :slight_smile:

Hello folks,

Could you please let me know if there is an option in Prezi, so I can add an interactive circle selection to image (object) to enchain viewer to specyfic detail. I know I could interactively englarge picture to this detail, but image become very poor quality after the action and I prefer it sharp.

Thanks in advance for all advices,

Hello @Acana_Polska, I merged your post with the relevant thread. My first recommendation would be for you to use a PDF image, as they usually have a higher resolution when zoomed in.

Then, you are able to insert a circle shape in the desired detail and add an animation to it that will automatically zoom into this content. Please, check this video example on how to do so.

Hope this could help :slight_smile:

Some of my friends and i are doing a presentation of 2nd world war. We made the presentation like an old newspaper, and when we change topics, we want it to change sides just like a book. Are there any animations like that?

Hey @Mads_Kaiser I’ve merged your request to the relevant thread.
While we don’t have an exact animation like that, a workaround I could recommend is to use a Stack topic type as they have a page-like animation flow. You can read more about topic types here.

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

Hi Guys, I have a very long detailed graph that could never fit on a ppt slide. Is there a way to pan/scroll slowly along a long thin image so that details of the image can be examined must like scrolling up and down a long word doc, axxept with my images it will be from left to right and then zooming out.
Many thanks,