How can I embed an external iframe code into my Prezi presentation

Hello, Can somebody help me, I think this is a business feature. I want to embed some external iframe into my prezi presentation slide. We work with miro boards and i would like to show it in my presentation. Is there an help article on that subject ? Thank you fo your help !!!. Ma

Hello @Ma_He, currently it’s still not possible to embed iframes in Prezi Present, but you’re able to do it in Prezi Design! You’re able to create charts, reports, maps, infographics and more with it.

I would recommend you check this article on how to do it.

Hope this could help!

Hi Catarina,
I had the same question as @Ma_He. Am I reading your response correctly that you can do it (I.e. inserting iframe) in Prezi design?


I was unfamiliar with Prezi design. I checked it’s features and indeed iFrame is a possibility. Thanks!


Hello @Andras_Schaffer_MDPh, yes it is! :slight_smile: In this article you can see how to embed an iframe in Prezi Design.

Let us know if you have further questions!

There is a significant need in the visual medical field (radiology and pathology) to incorporate zoom-able stacked images into presentations. Currently, there is no presentation software that has this functionality. Radiologists and pathologists present their findings to clinicians on a weekly basis and they are frustrated on switching back and forth between Powerpoint/Prezi and 3rd party image viewers.

Being a pathologist I can comment on digital whole slide images. Their file extensions vary depending on the scanner type (SVS, MRXS, DCM the main ones). Here is a link for a more complete list: So, having the capability to incorporate SVS MRXS or DCM type files into prezi presentations would be a nice asset!
In the meantime, I will tinker with Prezi Design.

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Thanks @Andras_Schaffer_MDPh, I will forward this feedback to our Product team!

Thanks. One more question, can prezi design be embedded and presented in a third party website?
We worked out iframe embedding the prezi player to present my prezi classic files within our teaching website. Is the prezi player API can handle prezi design docs or there is a different player API for prezi design files. Thanks.

@Andras_Schaffer_MDPh you’re able to embed your content created in Prezi Design in a website, you can check how to do it here.

Hope this could help!


I have tried to paste an iframe with a presentation template to test but the links do not work, only the arrows, is that so?

Another thing, if I contract the premium plan and download the presentation, will all the animations and interactivity work offline, without an internet connection?

Thank you.

Hello @Diego_Donato, I merged your post with the relevant thread. In relation to the insertion of the iframe, I’d recommend you check this reply.

When you download a presentation and present it offline, all the features are exactly the same as in the online version :slight_smile:

Let us know if you have any questions!