How can I group my content?

I try to group content by holding down the shift key and click on different items. This has worked before and is also what is tought in the grouping content tutorial. However, it does ́t work anymore? I hold down the shift key, but all that happens is that a specific item is marked, and when I try to group it with another the marking just change to the new item and no grouping is done. I tried different methods explained in the tutorial video but nothing is working. What is wrong? Did I miss something? I use a Mac Pro.

I was grouping at 3am this morning using iMac…so unless there’s been an issue since then, it was working fine for me. However, what I found was that there were times where certain elements weren’t getting highlighted, but this was mainly when there were a number of elements layered on each other.

Sorry can’t be of more help. Good luck!

*Note for Prezi: it really is an issue when there’s an element smaller than that behind it, as your only able to highlight the bigger one.