How can I move a section's frame


I’m new to Prezi and I decided this week to make a presentation for my company and I’m now stuck.

I would like to create a new section and replace its frame somewhere on the main page as I did for the first two sections. The software creates a very very small frame including an image that is somewere else on ther Prezi on a random place outside of the background picture. I canot move it, if I resize it, a white frame ridiculously large appears on the background. Is there a way to display, move and resize the frame that will be used for a section.

Please help, what’s happening makes no sense and is driving me crazy…

Best regards



Hello @Pierre-Louis_Schmitt, could you please send us the view link of the presentation so we can investigate it?



Here is the link, I just restarted it. It was very strange, it made a very small square with two images overlayed in a huge zoom section area…
It was very strange !



Hello @Pierre-Louis_Schmitt, could you please tell us if the issue still happening?