How can I "reveal" topics only when returning to Overview?


I’ve made a presentation in Prezi Next, and the overview slide has four major topics. All four topics are of course immediately visible on the overview. As I click through, it zooms in to each topic one-by-one.

I just came to the realization that it would be better (more suspenseful) if instead the overview slide were blank. Then I click, and the first circle shows up. (Next click zooms in to that circle.) Then, when that’s done, I’m back on the overview slide. The next click reveals the next top-level circle, and then the click after that zooms in there.

In other words, instead of having all four topics showing right away on the overview slide, I would rather each topic reveal itself on the overview slide as I RETURN TO THAT SLIDE after having completed a topic.

I have been fiddling with the animations, and I can’t figure out how to do this. Any Fade-in, Fade-out sequence I come up with will reveal the circles on the overview FIRST, only zooming into the first topic circle LATER. But I want to reveal one topic, zoom into it, and do that topic, with the second topic only revealing itself when we return back to the overview screen and click for it.

Any help on how to animate that?


Here’s a template I haven’t done anything with except animate the topics like I think you’re looking for, check it out and let me know?

If that’s what you’re looking for, you can acheive by opening the Animations menu when you’re on the Overview page, and do you see the dropdown menu towards the top, it gives you options like “At the beginning of this prezi” and “After SUMMARY” etc. You have to make sure the Fade-ins are in order using those, so for example:

At the beingging of this Prezi
—Fade in (topic: SUMMARY selected)

—Fade in (topic: FOCUS AREA 1 selected)

—Fade in (topic: FOCUS AREA 2 selected)

and so on…
Hopefully that helps? If I misunderstood, I can always try again! :wink:

Edit the path as in Prezi Classic

YOU SOLVED IT Thank you!


Wonderful, so glad to hear!