How can I show the different pages within my prezi


Overview>Topic>Pages 1,2,3 etc
I get that can can present up to the topic level, but how do I get down to the next level of pages please when presenting?

Many thanks.


@Nazneen_Bagdadi Could you please specify what you are reffering to and send us the link of the presentation you are working on so we can take a look?

By default, the sequence goes as you also mentioned it above and if you have subtopics added to a topic, they will be presented one after another after zooming into the topic, and after the last subtopic, you will go back to the overview to continue with the next topic.

The topics and subtopics can be either planets or stacks. If you use stacks, you can only add pages within the subtopic, however, if you use planets, you can zoom further deeper and add sub-subtopics etc. Is this what you had in mind?