How can my prezi get to the Staff Picks selection?

I made a presentation and want to presentation was viewed by somebody. How can I share with the community and get criticism? How to place presentation to Staff pick page of

Thank you for your reply. I am newbie and I want to find the place of active communication and discussion. But I can’t. Where is your rave-up, bro?

“But in order to get your prezi there, you will need to reach a big audience who interacts, comments.”  - I don’t think so. Why i can see Prezibase prezi(views:45, likes:2, comments:0) and can’t see Zane Groshelle prezi (views:267632, likes:479, comments:181)?  There are only commercial Prezibase templates. Therefore, i haven’t chances to see interesting prezi. Actually, prezi community wasn’t still borned, sorry.