How can others create a copy of my public presentation?

I wanted to create a template Prezi for my students with some information pre-filled already. The idea was then for students to make their own copy of my template and use it to build their own project. Even though my Prezi is public and reusable it appears to me that the only way for me to allow students the ability to make their own copy of it is if I make them all colaborators, which is problematic because I teach 100 kids.

Is there a way for me to share my Prezi with 100 students in a way which allows them all to make their own copy?

Hi @Brendan_Shea, could you send me the link of the presentation so I can check on the issue better?

Hi Bart, thanks for the quick response!

Here is the view link for the presentation I am referring to:

Here is the url to the presentation as I edit it:

Hi @Brendan_Shea, in order to let your students copy your presentation you have to send them the so-called view page of your presentation.
Here is the link for your presentation.

You can reach this view if you start your presentation in present mode from your dashboard, then copy that link and open it in an incognito window.
You can open an incognito window in Google Chrome by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + N on a Windows PC or CMD + SHIFT + N on a Mac.

Hope this helps!

Yes! This did it for me! Thank you very much. I think Prezi will be a great tool for my students this year and Iā€™m excited to get them using it!

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