How can you add music to a Prezi?

Hi everyone,
I know how to put music on a Prezi!!!

  1. If it is in iTunes drag it to your desktop or any other file.
  2. Then change it from an m4a file to am mov file
  3. Next add it to your Prezi
  4. Now that it is in your Prezi press save then exit
  5. Click your first slide then press play or else it will not play and you CANNOT go back to the first slide then again it will not play
  6. Now you are ready to present if you have any questions just ask!

(PS. I am a seventh grader wild about Prezi and very smart with technology!)

Hi Kellie,
in 1. you mean drag it to any other _folder_, right? Can you maybe make a demo prezi public+re-usable? Thanks for this great idea!

see also… and below :slight_smile:

No I mean like if it is in Garage band drag it to desktop or iTunes drag it to desktop

Well the the thing that you can’t move, it appears invisible so it doesn’t matter and you can delete it and you can also press undo if you don’t want it. Also if you don’t want it and you have trouble pressing delete then you can lower the volume to mute and add a different sound.

If you have questions just ask.

yes he meant file

I have managed to put it on the prezi and i can see the grey box. I can’t get it to play or atleast make any sound. You can delete it though by the way, right click on it then press delete

nope sorted managed to play it. Only problem was that converting it to mov lowered the quality considerably, anybody know any good converters?

How do you make it so every time you go to a slide/path it says something

Hi lukeratton, easiest way is with FLV video files -chop them up into what you need time wise. A good trick then is to hide them behind a graphic - like so…

hope this helps


Hey Thank’s alot!!! That really worked but do you know how can i put a video and show it WITHOUT internet??

Kellie what did you mean on number 2 whe you sai m4a file

how do you add it to your prezi?

like how do you get the music into the prezi. it doesnt show up when i click add file

you have to insert your music in a video file as prezi does not accept audio file.

see this topic and the manual page about audio.

yeah I know but when I go to my videos (it’s there when im not trying to add it) it’s not there

and i want it to play while i change paths.

it seems the format of you video is not supported.
prezi supports FLV or SWF.

so you need FLV format and insert it in the path directly for an automatic play (not in a frame).

I Have no idea how to let the music play as background music throughout the entire presentation from start till end… The music is only hearable as a slide between others… How do I edit this?