How do I add an additional frame to an existing template?

Hi.  I created a prezi using a template (the one on iPad with a large circular frame at the centre and smaller circular frames arranged orbitally around it).  When I started, there was an ‘add frame’ button on the left that allowed me to increase the number of orbiting frames.  With each new one I added, all the others automatically rearranged themselves so that they remained evenly spaced.  I then started adding content.  Now the ‘add frame’ button has disappeared in favor of an ‘edit path’ button (on both IPad and Mac) and I don’t know how to add another orbital frame such that they all rearrange themselves evenly again.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

Hi Tim, 

To add a frame take a look at this great article.

You might need to refresh the page and the Frames and Arrows wizard should be in the editor. Please feel free to reach out with any other questions. 

All the best,