How do I change the font type in my Prezi?

How can I change the font in my Prezi? There only seems to be one font available.

Please try the theme wizard!](](!

Each theme has at least three. They are displayed below the textbox you are editing. Other than that, you could have a look at the CSS code by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+C in edit mode and changing the @font-face parameters. But if you make errors there, your Prezi might break, so be careful and consult the manual… (section ‘Typefaces’)

That is a little weak

Thanks for the feedback. I will let you know when we grow stronger.


I’m trying to do this too, I agree, pretty weak…love the tool, but our logotype face is something we want to use in our text too!

So is it at all possible to use a custom font? If I’m downloading my presentation, can I still change the font-faces by modifying the CSS?

What about using a superscript? I have a formula I’d like to put in presentation, but cannot superscript to the nth power :slight_smile:

Hi Bethia,

there’s no direct function for that, sorry. But you could make a smaller text box and move it into position manually, see….

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I have trouble with russian fonts - typing under Mac in Russian produces zero results in 90% of templates… is there an easy fix for that?

My presentation has been created by copying and pasting text from various locations but its now in a mixture of fonts.

Is there a simple way to have all the text in the presentation to the same font?

What a downer from this font type issue.

Still no significant font solution. Bummer.

Apparently there is no specific ‘Prezi’ solution for this item. What you can do (and what I intend to do, as there is no other way) is to turn around the problem as follows:

  • make up all your text boxes in Illustrator in the desired font(s)
  • export them in .swf (flash) format
  • (which allows you to zoom in without any loss of resolution)
  • import these as image in the appropriate frames, path etc in your Prezi

Admitted: it’s a little more work than fixing a quick Prezi, but it’s an amazing result!


Theme wizard is a strong solution, but it would be great if you could use custom fonts from there. The problem is with the number of fonts, and the option to add your own.

I’m crazy about some crayon and felt tip fonts and I like to use Lato. Not a viable option here as far as I can tell.

I want to put in code examples. This may not be the best solution. Cutting and pasting from Rubymine would be ideal, especially if it would use the color too.

I’m using a template that does not contain extended Latin. Meaning I can’t make a Prezi in a a language other then English. So yes, this is a poor tool that the font can’t be changed on a template or that templates are not validated for international use. What good does it do me having a multitude of great templates when I cant use them?

Feels very limiting!

This is awesome, if you have tons of time. It seems an easy enough feature to add custom fonts to the wizard. It’s rather strange that this has taken more than three years to come through.

I’d think that it would be a couple of days work at most for a developer, but not knowing the context I could be off by, say, an order of magnitude. But three years? That begs two questions: does the Prezi team consider fonts to be unimportant, or don’t they have a development team anymore? In both cases I would see that as a problem that I’d like to help solve, because Prezi is a high potential candidate to put an end to Powerpoint hell.