How do I change the topic from image to text for PPT slides

New to Prezi so please bear with me - I’ve had a look at the support pages but couldn’t find the answer so apologies if its there.

I’ve imported a powepoint presentation into Prezi and added the slides as subtopics - nice & easy.

Problem I know have is that the topics are showing as small versions of each slide. I want to replace these with text. However, I can’t seem to remove these without removing the actual slides when I zoom in.

Could someone advise on what I need to do please?



Hey @Atif_Ishaq the PPT converter creates the entire topic background from the PPT slide. As a workaround what I could recommend is either adding a text box and writing your text there, or block out the rest of the image with shapes, or alternatively edit the source PPT and re-import it to have the required slide version.

Hope this helped!

Hi Sam,
What do you mean by edit the source PPT and re-import? What am I editting in the source PPT to prevent the topic background being the ppt slide? Its strange that the topic options don’t allow you to choose if you want the PPT slide to be the topic or not…



Hey Atif,
I’m afraid that feature cannot be bypassed, as it’s how the importer works. Alternatively you can copy the text from the source PPT and add it to a new empty subtopic in textboxes.

You can de-select some of the slides you’ve imported when you convert them to topics, or edit the original slides in PowerPoint and then add them so they’re just text. They’ll still be converted to subtopic backgrounds though.

Let me know if you have other questions :slight_smile:

Buenas noches
Soy profesor de la UAB y quisiera saber si con la licencia que dispongo Edu Plus puedo convertir mis PPT en PREZI. Me los carga pero no puedo modificar textos.
¿Me podeis ayudar por favor?
Muchas gracias

Hola @Miquel_Angel_Serrat, he adjuntado su comentario a la publicación correspondiente. El convertidor crea una imagen a partir de la diapositiva PPT, entonces no es posible editar el texto. Si desea editarlo, debe hacerlo en PPT directamente.

Espero que esto haya podido ayudar :slight_smile:

Gracias Catarina
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Hola @Miquel_Angel_Serrat, el convertidor PPT funciona de la misma manera en cualquier plan, y su plan actual ya es el educacional :slight_smile: