How do I copy an existing prezi?

I have a great template, but it needs to be tweaked for another meeting. How do I save the one I have, but copy and edit it…giving it another name?

I need this answer as well

hello all,

here are a couple of links that may help you with you question:  save a copy  rename an existing Prezi



I found a public and reusable prezi but when i click on copy I dont see it in my personal page. What is the probleme? 

Hey! I am looking at being able to make multiples of a prezi, while being able to have logos that are adjusted depending on the group that i am presenting too. Is it possible to have duplicates of a prezi without having to reinsert different logos every time?

Hi All, I am trying to ‘save a copy’ from the view section but am receiving the following - An error occurred during processing your request.

Can you please help?