How do I create my own background?


I don’t know how to create my own background for the whole presentation. How do I make picture background without using the templates?

Hello Leah Briggs,

to create your own background images on the Prezi canvas, you can simply insert an image in this way and then use right click on the image to ‘send the back’ - you can then build your Prezi on top of this.

You can also use the 3D background feature - see here - however these images must be larger (For optimal results, a background image should be at least 3000 pixels wide). 

hope this helps


Don’t forget you can upgrade your account for other features (own Logo, privacy and more space)

Thank you very much John. I tried what you suggested and I was very successful.
Thanks again,

Hello Leah Briggs,

thats good news - good luck with your Prezi


How do I change which of the 3 images I upload become the background for each new frame?

When I try “send to back” it doesn’t do anything. I first started a new prezi. Then, created a blank prezi. Uploaded a photo from my pc. Then right clicked, see the ‘send to back’ option, but after I click on it, it does nothing. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.