How do i customise the templates?


Hi, I started using Prezi today. Can I completely customise a Prezi template? For example, change the text in the Insurance Sales Pitch template from Our Company, At A Glance, Our Products, etc to for example Organic growth, Fb advertising, 1 Minute Videos? TIA


Hi @Isabelle_Ting, Yes absolutely, you can completely transform and customize any template or even start with a Blank template and build up your presentation from scratch.

I’d recommend you to browse the articles of our Knowledge Base and check out our YouTube channel to learn more and get some inspiration but I’m also happy to answer any further questions!


Thanks for your reply, Agnes. I’ve already browsed the articles but couldn’t find any related info in the knowledge base. Would you please send me a link to an article that covers how to build a presentation from scratch? That way, I may be able to better learn how to use the knowledge base. Thank you!


I’m afraid there is no specific article for building up presentations from scratch but I think this video can be useful and I’d recommend this one as well. The articles mainly focus on the different features that you can use to build your presentation but if you tell me what concept you had in mind, hopefully I’ll be able to provide some targeted advice as well!