How Do I Delete My Prezi Next Community Account


I just needed to ask a question so how do I delete the prezi next community account. Will I be charged for using it?


Hello. I had the basic prezi free. But, I haven’t used the account since the day I created it. I deleted it but then I signed in with two gmail account (school and personal emails) and I clicked the delete account. It send me two emails that said confirm your account removal and it would not allow me too. I just want to delete my two accounts. Please can someone help me with this. Also, I would like to delete my Prezi Next Community account because I just wanted to ask this question and get some help.

Thank you


@Ashley_Chavera There is no separate Community account, you are accessing the forum with your Prezi Next account.

Since you have a free Basic account, you will not be charged for having this account, however, if you would like to delete it, please do so from the Account settings page. If for some reason you cannot confirm the deletion, please try again from a different computer and/or network as the function might be blocked by certain firewall settings in your browser/on your computer.