How do I delete old Prezi account including prezis without access to the email account?

I found that my old Prezis are accessible by simply googling my name.

They were made with an account, using an email no longer existing - which means I cannot restore the password for the account in order to delete them. I want them deleted.

How do I proceed?

When you do the report abuse option, you have to check a box that you own the copyright under penalty of perjury. I created my Prezi in an inservice class where we were introduced to Prezi, created an account and used a public Prezi for practice. It’s not my copyright, so I don’t think I should check that box on the report abuse option, but I also don’t want this to show up when I google my name. What other options are there? The email address is no longer valid and I don’t have the password to my account.

Hello, I hope you are fine, I would like to know what option is recommended in our case, someone in the company created a Prezi and he is no longer with us and we need the delete all the content in this Prezi.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards.



I have the same problem. There is an account from old University times that I created, never used and forgot about. I cannot remember the e-mail address I used (possibly university e-mail that no longer exists), so I cannot log in. I want the ACCOUNT deleted. Here is the page: How do I delete it?

I CANNOT report abuse, there is no content on that page.

when submitting a report abuse, what does it mean by path point number?    is this the path point number?

I too have the same problem. It’s an old account back from when I was in school which I made and used a few times but the email used for it was deleted (it was my school email that doesn’t exist anymore), so I can’t log in and delete the account nor the Prezi’s. I need the ACCOUNT deleted unless you can delete ALL of the presentations made by the account instead. How do I go about this? I filed a report for the account and presentations to be deleted already but nothing has changed, neither the account nor the presentations have been deleted and I need them gone. Here is the page: How do I delete the account?