How do I disable the " is now full-screen. Press ESC to exit" message?

Very disappointed to see this message continue to come across the screen when in Present mode as I’ve had to minimize the screen, go back slides, and bring up other items such as Excel spreadsheets and documents in the middle of webinar and this message kept popping up everytime I returned to Prezi, obscuring the screen for a time and was very distracting. This was also a recorded webinar and really takes away from the professional look and feel of a presentation in live or recorded format. Is there a way to disable this message permanently from showing again?

That’s unfortunate. It really makes Prezi something that a person could use for a school project, but not a professional environment. When you are doing webcasts and are forced to see this message keep coming up, the last thing you want to see coming up in a meeting or boardroom is this. 

Yes, at the very least, Prezi should provide us with options. It would have been great to know about this prior to our corporate template purchase…