How do I do the cool effect that turns my prezi upside down?

from going to a right side up slide to flipping upside down to another slide

Put a frame around one of your objects.[you need at least two frames in your Prezi] Click on a corner of that frame and you should see a circle-arrow that will enable the frame and it’s contents to be rotated from 0 to 360 degrees. Once that frame is part of your path, the transition from the previous frame to the rotated frame will appear to turn it upside down or wherever you positioned it.

Hi Steph and eek450!

Yes eek450 is correct in explaining how this great upside-down effect can be achieved by using the rotation feature in the Transformation Tool and making sure that the object or content that you would like to rotate has been added to your path.

It doesn’t matter in which order you do this:

if you rotate the object first
if you  add the content to the path. 

It is just important to you do both of these steps.

  • To rotate any object on your prezi canvas, simply click on it to bring up the Transformation Tool and then hover your mouse pointer over one of the four corners. You will see your pointer change to an arrow icon, if you move your mouse away from the object you have selected, you will see the straight arrow change to a curved one. This means you are ready to rotate your object. Click and drag when you see the curved arrow icon to rotate the object.

You can see this here:

For more information this and other things that you can do with our Transformation Tool please take a  here: (Editing content with the transformation tool)

  • And to add an object to your path

  • In Edit Mode, zoom out until you see the objects you wish to add to your path. You can do this quickly by selecting the home button as it appears on the right-hand side or by clicking the thumbnail above your path on the left-hand side. 

  • Click the ‘Edit Path’ icon on the Left Sidebar. Click on your objects in the order you wish to present them.

  • A thumbnail will be added to the Left Sidebar on the left side of your screen each time that you click on something. 
    You can see more about this here: (Setting your prezi’s path)

Happy zooming!