How do I get Prezi Next to autoplay?



@Jessica_O_Connell Please note that the autoplay feature is available for portable presentations.

For users who do not have access to the desktop application, please see the suggested workaround of creating a screen recording above.


Hi. I need to automate my prezi and before I upgrade my license need to be clear on if I this feature is available in the Standard Subscription? Thanks in advance.


@Tammy_Bomhof I merged your post to the relevant thread, the autoplay function is a Plus license feature but you can use the workaround of creating a screen recording of your presentation, please find the detailed recommendation above.



Does anyone know if there is a way to make the presentation go on a continuous play - meaning, the user does not have to click through each slide, but rather each slide plays automatically?

Thank you!


@Emily_Garcia Hi, I merged your question into the relevant thread, please see the responses above!


Hi @Emily_Garcia to meet the condition of autoplay you need to ,

  1. Have paid membership
  2. Use Desktop app
  3. Sync the desktop app with browser
  4. From their you will find a option to export.
  5. After exporting the file in portable viewer app you can find the option to autoplay.

Remember if you use free account you won’t be able to use the autoplay feature.
Alternatively you can also convert it into video, that way you don’t need to meet all the criteria mentioned above. You can use

Camtasia (paid; free trial)
Screencast-o-Matic (free and paid versions)

Hope it helps



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Do you have to re record audio using screencastomatic if it is already in prezi next?


Depend on recorder, if you use Camtasia you can record the audio and edit from there. They are in separate track so it’s easy to edit. Not sure about screencastoMatic.


I am a fairly new user and have never used ‘Classic’ but I am surprised at a number of omissions from the ‘new improved’ version. Maybe its a cost cutting exercise, which make me feel less good about the amount of money I have paid for this software. Autoplay is a simple think in implement. One coder 24 to 48 hours. Meanwhile I will be exporting using OBS Studio, editing in Vegas and exporting as an movie.

What a hassle.


@Simon_Laidlaw_CutMus Please know that with a Plus subscription you are able to set your presentation to play automatically.

Please check the article about this feature and let us know if you have any further questions.