How do I get Prezi Present to autoplay?

I am a new user and trying to find out how I find and use autoplay. Thanks!

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@Cathy_Muldoon as @vera said autoplay is not available in the desktop app. However Autoplay is available inside a portable prezi.

  1. Click on the three dots on the prezi thumbnail from you dashboard and then click ‘export for presentation’
  2. Choose the version according to your OS (Windows or Mac)
  3. Unzip the file, run the presentation
  4. You will find autoplay under the gear button on the bottom right corner

I’ve go a basic plan in Prezi Next and recently created a presentation. Is it possible to set my presentation to autoplay instead of having to click through it?

Thank you.

Check out @gabriele.roncoroni’s reply above.

Thank you for the quick reply. In the Basic edition of Prezi Next, I don’t have the option that you show above. Here’s what my dropdown menu looks like. Is the “Export for Presentation.” Not sure what to do.

Thank you for all your help!

Currently only the downloaded presentation has the autoplay feature. It is only possible to download your presentation with the Prezi Next desktop application which comes with the Plus and Premium license.

Hi everyone,

I am using a free Prezi Next account and I can’t find any icon that would allow me to autoplay my prezi…
I would be really happy about some help, I am kind of frustrated. :disappointed_relieved:

Thanky you!

@Judith_Wollmer currently it’s not possible to autoplay a Prezi Next presentation in a browser, but you can find some workarounds above in this thread.

I’m new to Prezi Next, and used to using the autoplay function in Prezi Classic, but I don’t see that function when I click to present. Am I missing something?

@Michael_Williams autoplay is only available in the downloaded presentation format for the time being.

Let me see if I understand this correctly. The ONLY reason I bought Prezi Next was to do a pecha kucha presentation. I cannot autoplay from the app without exporting, AND I cannot export in presenter view, AND I cannot export to Prezi Classic which WOULD let me autoplay in presenter view, AND I just figured this out after finishing the presentation, which is now worthless. Much like your software.

That pretty much sum it up??


Can you set up autoplay in Prezi Next? My company was hoping to use Prezi for our trade show booth presentation but I can’t seem to find an autoplay option.

@Emily_Banks currently autoplay is possible in a downloaded presentations format, for further details, please check this article.

Sorry for the late reply, @Ronald_Dorman, and also I apologize for this experience, I understand that it would be beneficial if the presenter view could be accessed in other formats, as well. I’ll forward his feedback to the responsible team.

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I’m so frustrated that we can’t auto play. Please make this happen! Also, allow us to auto play in a loop and auto play videos in our presentation.


How do you screencast?

@hillary_holden, here are some recommended screen capture tools that also support audio recording:

  • Mac

Built-in QuickTime tool
Camtasia (paid; free trial)
Screencast-o-Matic (free and paid versions)

  • Windows

Obs Studio(free)
Camtasia (paid; free trial)
Screencast-o-Matic (free and paid versions)

You can choose to record the entire screen or just a pre-defined area. Adjust the windows accordingly (to hide the control buttons for example) for a clean look. The video file can then be saved and shared.

Dear @Vanda and @Zsofi_Goreczky, from one Product Manager to another, please take this word of advice: never take away functionality when going from one release of the product to the “Next” (pun intended) unless that feature was a bad idea to begin with. I am specifically referring to AutoPlay, but as I read the forums more and more, it’s becoming clear that there are other features as well. I completely appreciate the need to deprecate features that are not being used so that you can reduce complexity, but AutoPlay (in my opinion) is a MAJOR need. Companies use prezis in place of videos, animations, demo recordings, etc… Anything that requires a transition is greatly enhanced with an automated way of getting to the next transition. Yes, you made it available on Desktop, but embedded prezis are just as important. I would argue they are more important considering where everything is going. If you don’t want to make it a standard control within the viewer, at least have it as an option that can be set (as it was in Classic).

Again, please take this as advice, and not a critique. I love the product, and recommend it to my coworkers, but you really should


@Walid_Dimachkie thank you for the detailed feedback, we understand that this functionality is missed by many of our customers who used it in Prezi Classic. For now, I’ve merged your post to the topic discussing the same request so we can track and report it to the product teams, and will update with any news!

Again, thanks for taking the time to share this with us and we hope you’ll still enjoy using Prezi Next!

It’s been a few months since the last post on here, so I’m hoping that this has been resolved. Has autoplay been added yet? I have a very long presentation that I’ve done in the past with Prezi Classic that I’ve timed to music using the autoplay feature. I have been working on creating a new one from scratch in Prezi Next (since I couldn’t duplicate from Classic) for the advantage of the covers over the topics and subtopics, but just realized that I couldn’t find autoplay when I was trying to preview it. Is there a way to autoplay presentations in Prezi Next yet or am I going to need to completely start over again back in Prezi Classic?