How do I "lock" my design to the grid so elements do not move position?

Hello everyone, I  would like to know how to “lock” my design elements to the Prezi canvas so they do not move position. I am using Prezi in the class I am co-teaching about visual communication, and the exact placement of graphics on the canvas has important theoretical and design implications. Prezi, in edit mode, has a grid background, and I use this grid to precisely place objects. However, when I open my presentation again (after saving and logging out completely) the objects have moved. This happens when I draw directly on the canvas or put the elements in an invisible frame. Is it possible to lock elements to the grid so I do not have to continuously correct the layout?
Lorna Wildgaard

Hello Lorna Wilgaard,

unfortunately using the grid on the background of the Prezi will not work as a means of placing objects precisely and is more about helping with orientation. Its not possible at this time to lock objects to the background.

This may help you regarding alignment

As a designer myself I sometimes use a straight line or other objects to help with alignment which can be moved around and will keep their place for the next editing session.

Hope this helps



Hello Lorna,
In addition to John’s answer I’d like to add that it’s rather unusual elements move on the canvas after you’ve closed your prezi. Perhaps you can create a grid yourself and place it behind the elements to show how a grid works.

Thank you both of your advice. It seems that Prezi isn’t designed for the purpose I am trying to use it. This makes for an interesting class discussion about graphic theory and limits of the software.
Thanks again