How do I make a AO poster?

Hello, I"m new to Prezi Design.
How do I go about changing the settings to a landscape A0 poster format?

Help please!

Hello @Rachelle_Lesy,

You can change the project page size in the main project settings, here’s also a tutorial on that.
Note that there are pre-set page formats available to choose from in the dropdown, for example, A4 landscape. You can use that if you’re looking to download your poster as PDF and print it because the page ratio would be the same as A0 and PDF download is a vector file.
If you need to download the file in a certain size (mm or inches), you can also enter the dimensions manually but note that it uses pixels and you would need to calculate the exact pixels using 72 DPI. So, for example, if you want to download 1189 x 841 mm (for A0 landscape), set the size to 3370 x 2384 px.