How do I make my movie (video) play automatically in a slide?

I have tried two different formats of movies, and neither play automatically when in the present mode… what do I need to do

Hello Courtney Quijada,

in order for the movie to autostart while presenting you wil need to put the path point directly on to the video itself - it should then autostart.

check this tutorial




that tells me nothing

Hey guys, John means that instead of putting a frame around your media, get it set up looking as you want it and then - the quick way - right click on the video and choose ‘Add to Path’, or when in ‘Edit Path’ mode (bottom left button under slide thumbnails) in which you can drag the numbers around to choose slide sequence, you can drag the number on top of the video and it will add to the path - see image below. These options will ensure the media begins playing automatically when you present.