How do I move a page from one topic or subtopic to another?

I have a page within a subtopic, but have decided to make that point in a different part of the presentation.

With Prezi Classic, I would just move, or cut/paste that frame to the relevant part of the Prezi and relink, but neither of those operations are possible with Next.

It must be possible, but I just can’t figure out how, what am I missing?

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What you can do is to copy your (sub)topic and paste it to its new place in the order of your presentation. You still need to delete it from its original place, though.

You can copy-paste with the help of keyboard shortcuts.

On Mac: CMD + C: Copy and CMD + X: Cut
On Windows: CTRL + C: Copy and CTRL + V: Paste

I tried that, but it seems to be suitable only for a single topic.
In my case I have something like:

---topic 1
---------subtopic 1.1 (with possibly nested subtopics)
---------subtopic 1.2 (with possibly nested subtopics)
---------subtopic 1.3 (with possibly nested subtopics)
---topic 2
---------subtopic 2.1 (with possibly nested subtopics)
---------subtopic 2.2 (with possibly nested subtopics)
---------subtopic 2.3 (with possibly nested subtopics)

etc… (you got the idea)
And I need the whole hierarchy (not just the plain content) to be moved under a new topic, so that it becomes something like:

-----whatever I need to add here
------topic 1                                       ----+
---------subtopic 1.1 (with possibly nested subtopics)  |
---------subtopic 1.2 (with possibly nested subtopics)  |
---------subtopic 1.3 (with possibly nested subtopics)  | all this is
------topic 2                                           | now a branch
---------subtopic 2.1 (with possibly nested subtopics)  | under a topic
---------subtopic 2.2 (with possibly nested subtopics)  |
---------subtopic 2.3 (with possibly nested subtopics) -+

How to accomplish this?
Thanks a lot!
Cristiano. If I understand you well, it should work the same way as it does with a single topic.

  1. Select all the topics you’d like to move into another topic.
  2. Click on Copy or use the shortcuts explained in the previous post.
  3. Go into the newly added topic.
  4. Paste the copied topics.
  5. Delete the topics from their original position.

I’m attaching a short gif explaining the process:

I hope it helps!

Thanks for the prompt answer Vanda.
I thought I had tried that way with no success, but I will try to pay more attention following the video, and let you know.

I hope it works out, let me know if you need further help!

Hi, I have created two topics (A and B) with several subtopics in each one. Now I have realized that I need to change some of the subtopics from B to A. Is this possible? I have seen that there is no problem about changing subtopics withing the same topic but I don`t know if it is possible to change them from one topic to another.



Hi @Miriam_Granado_Garci, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please check the answers above?

I have a Subtopic that I have created and now realize works better under a new parent topic. I read this thread, but a posted GIF is missing, and I tried following the numbered steps listed to copy and paste, but pasting creates what looks to be a very large text box over an existing subtopic in the new Parent Topic rather than pasting the entire Subtopic page. Any help would be very much appreciated. :pray:

Hi @Jonathan_Ross, I’ve merged your question to the relevant topic.

Could you please tell me if your source topic is a planet topic with subtopics or a stack with pages?

You can right-click on the pasted subtopic and select advanced topic editing, then reorganize the zoom area to make it similar to what it was originally.

You can also grab your subtopic and move it to the top left corner of the canvas to move it one layer up. After this, you can grab the same topic and drop it into the Parent topic where you want it to be a subtopic.

I would recommend you to check this article.

Hope this helps!

Thanks again, Bart. I think I figured it out after reading the article. It took a little finagling, but the tip about dragging the topic off the canvas was the one that worked. It was tricky because you had to hold it in just the right spot to get the big “shadow” circle to appear around it to signify it would move the subtopic up a level when you release the mouse. This GIF from the article is the one that helped.

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Similarly, I am trying to move a page from one Prezi Present/Next subtopic to another. Copying (either using the menu or Ctl+C) is not grabbing it. And there does not appear to be an appropriate right-click function.

Any ideas?

Hello @Neal1, please make sure that you’re outside of the Subtopic you would like to copy in order for it to work.

If that doesn’t help, could you please send a full screenshot of the issue, so I can see what kind of Subtopic this is?