How do I rotate objects in transitions?

I have created a prezi (yay!) but my transitions are boring and just pan between objects. Can I make the new frame rotate before we settle on it?

Dear Katharine Harper,

If you rotate the path points, the camera will follow this rotation.
But be careful, the more movements make more confusion for the audience.
Consider which moving supports the best your message.
For instance the rotation can tell: “let’s check this thing from another point of view” or “changing/jump to the next topic”.

Happy Zooming,
István Csúsz

Could you please tell me how to rotate the path points? I can see how to fade in (although I haven’t used it)
I promise not to over-use it!

Dear Katharine Harper,

You basically add the path points to the objects, mostly for the frames. If you rotate an object which is a path-point, then the virtual camera will follow this movement.

Happy Zooming,
István Csúsz

Thank you - I understand that if you rotate an object the camera will follow it - I still don’t know how to to rotate it. It may seem obvious to you, but I am new to this and I cannot see any options to do this.

OK - I’ve got it! I need to have the object at an angle in the prezi - not set up a spin in the transition :slight_smile:

If you have not yet figured it out, you rotate the FRAME the text/image/whatever is in. You do NOT rotate the text itself. Click on the FRAME that the text is in, and you will see 4 resizing handles around the perimeter. Hover over one of those, and you will see a 5th handle pop out. THAT is the rotation handle. Drag it either clockwise or counterclockwise direction to rotate the frame. Exit Editing mode, and then view your Prezi to see if you like the rotational changes.

I am doing the action as you indicate but in the presentation it doesn’t do any rotation.

I am also having the same problems as Marc.  The 5th handle for rotation pops out for me when I hover over the text/image no problem.  However I do not get the 5th handle pop when I hover over the frame.  I’ve attempted this both in and out of the edit path mode.

My apologies.  I did some more searching of tutorials and tips after posting this.  When I referenced this particular FAQ it clarified what I was doing wrong.  I had not clicked to select the frame before attempting to access that 5th handle.