How do I run Pecha Kuchas with my students using Prezi next?


So it seems that prezi next does not allow for autoplay options unless you purchase a license. Is this correct or have I missed something?

It would mean that prezi no longer is a viable presentation tool for pecha kuchas, which has been a very nice and appreciated feature, so I’d love it if there was a way to set up autoplay.


For the time being, autoplay is indeed only available with a Plus/Edu Plus license. As a workaround, you can create videos out of your presentations and use them on the Pecha Kucha events. You can find some tips here:


Ah, I see. Right, screencasting would be an option. A bit more work, but doable.

Are there any plans on including this feature in the free license?

Thank you for the quick reply by the way :).


It’s not on the short-term roadmap for now, but we will make sure to pass it on as a request! :slight_smile:


Hi @Jerry_Olsson the best software for screen recording is Camtasia. The quality is excellent. You can record in full HD quality. Also you can add the music separately and can control the sound level as necessary. It also supports separate tracks.

You can also visit us at below website where we offer prezi to video conversion at a very reasonable price.


Great! Thanks for the tip.