How do I see other people's prezis?


how do I see other people’s prezis?


Due to the fact that currently discoverable presentations are not indexed in search engines, if you would like to see another person’s presentations they need to send you a view link or share them with you.


Timely help needed: I am trying to share my Prezi classic presentation with others online (not offline) at: . I am paying a monthly fee (Classic) for others to view it. I can see it just fine on my laptop where I am logged in but not on my other devices. I also tweeted it but people get the 404 error which says it is a private presentation. I can’t seem to change it to public anywhere using the pencil icon as directed in the Help directory. Several legislators also want to see it. Can someone fix it for me right away? Thank you so much!!!


@Janette_Dean Are you in Chrome? Do you see the 3 dots in the lower right corner of your thumbnail? Hopefully yes. Click on that. Choose Privacy and sharing. Then make sure you choose the center circle “People with the link” option. Maybe try a new link after that, just to check?

Sorry if this is a repeat of the Help instructions, I’m not in there, just sharing what I can do with my own account… I’m not a Prezi rep but thought I’d try…


Thank you, PI! I found that after using the right arrow key on the thumbnail on My Prezis page. However, they offer a different presentation link there so I think I have to use that one which I am now doing: . I don’t know how I got the other shorter one that works only for me I guess: (no way to access that in a way to choose to make it public).


Glad to hear! Not sure about why the other is “locked” but might be worth troubleshooting for future.


Hi, I’m new to Prezi and attempting to find my lecturer’s prezi powerpoint which seems to be know where in sight. Could you please customise some sort of search bar to find them? I don’t think it is very professional to be scrolling through google in order to attempt to find someone’s presentation when it should be easy to find. You could just show the one’s people have paid to show. Also it seems that I also found two people with the same name as my lecturer, which does not help if it is the same person.
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello, @Patricia_Angelica. I understand how it could be useful and why it is inconvenient. We are reporting it to the product team.

In the meantime, maybe your professor could share view links or add people as collaborators, as discussed here?