How do I set my prezi to always open in a full screen mode when I send a link for someone to view on their own.

I have to send the links to my prezis to a lot of people, most of whom are very new to Prezi. When they click on the link, they don’t get to see my prezi in default full screen (that’s what I want them to see) which pushes me to include “how-to” note. Is there an option to set which open my prezi in a full screen mode by default unless I go back to my prezi in edit mode and switch it off?

Any help is appreciated. 

Thanks Paul. I get what you are saying and I see this being an issue with Prezi for a long time. I hope they come up with a solution (like a .ppsx file in MS Powerpoint) rather than for us to put a workaround.

Appreciate your time and explanation.