How do I speed up my prezi building?


I have a few problems. One such problem is that my computer is too slow (somehow) to run the website and keeps crashing. And, the other problem is that I want to make them faster whenever it works. So, I can actually finish it. And, for whoever helps me with this problem I give a BIG thanks to.


I’d recommend providing your machine info to the Prezi team & have them check to see if that’s where the problem lies. If so, they may have some suggestions. If not, then other troubleshooting might be necessary. From there or in the meantime, have you tried using the desktop app to see if that works out better than the website version? Something to look into, maybe. And finally, just in general, I’d review what you’re putting into your presentations. Large videos or image files, esp if used in high numbers (meaning you have a ton of content in there) can definitely have an impact on speed. I personally try to downsize images to the min required for the use, for example, and avoid high-res stuff unless I’m zooming in, etc. I realize this isn’t a solution, but I hope it helps a little bit?


I used the app and it didn’t change much. And, I have only one photo.


@Vaughan_Kamman, that is correct, @Plastic_Ingenuity is right, we’d be more than happy to look at your machine’s specifications to see if the problem could be connected to that. Could you please send us a screenshot?