How do I stop the subtopics from opening?



I want to see the topic and the front page of the subtopics, but I don’t want it to zoom in on the subtopics. I just want it to go from one topic to another (with just being able to see the front of the subtopics). Hope that makes sense?




@Vikki_Saravia For this structure I can recommend you to use so-called “fake subtopics” and instead of actually inserting planet-style subtopics next to your topic, add circular shapes and put any text or content on them.

This way you have the option to zoom on these circles instead of zooming into them if you click on them but they will not be included in the presentation path.


Could u explain how to create a “fake” subtopic where the content in the circle is only visible when zoomed in on the circle? i tryed it but the content inside the circle stays visible when zoomed out, distracting from the important information. Or is it possible to change the presentation path to exclude topics, i’ve read that you guys are busy with free placement of topics so maybe excluding them from the presentation path is in the same process and i just have to be patient. It would be nice because quite often the information is only relevant when questions asked and normaly is excluded from the presentation.


@Twan_van_de_Ven, for the purpose you are describing, I would like to suggest adding the answers to the potential post-presentation questions in separate topics at the end of the presentation as shown in this presentation:


You can see an example of conversational presenting here, with a free non-linear choice of answers depending on the questions:

I hope this helps!


This is an solution but please correct me if i’m wrong but this is not possible inside a topic am i right? In the above example i would like to see inside the main information several topics, and the oppertunity to go deeper in some topics should the need arise at the audience. But they are only relevant to that topic. For now i’ll accept that it’s in the presentation path but would be nice to have the posibilty to exclude topics from that path.


You are correct, currently what you are describing is not possible inside a topic, you cannot “ignore” a subtopic in the course of the presentation and then come back to it.