How do I upload a Prezi that was saved to a pen drive/computer?

I saved my Prexi Next file to a thumb drive and now would like to upload and edit. How do I upload it?

Currently It is not possible to upload or import a downloaded presentation to your account. The only way to edit it would be if the presentation can still be accessed online. Did you create the presentation or was it shared with you? Do you still have the link of it?

I am on the free plan and I hired a VA to create a presentation for me. She sent my a folder with the presentation. Can I upload it on the free plan, or do I need the desktop app for my Mac?

@Chance_Reynolds, a standalone presentation cannot be uploaded, however, you can ask the VA to for, example, share the presentation with you, via a view link or by adding you as a collaborator.

We have deleted the actual editable prezi file but still have the exe file that starts the presentation. Can we take the exe and convert it back into something we can edit ?

@Keith_Tholan The exported zip or exe files cannot be reuploaded for further editing I’m afraid.