How do I use my iPhone as a remote?



I just switched over from Keynote and am really pleased with the amount of presets etc. I already have the “plus” license so offline presentation should not be a problem.
My question now is:

When presenting, I have my iPad (10.5) hidden away connected to the HDMI-cable from the projector. In keynote I used my iPhone as a remote to control the presentation running on my iPad.
How can I do this with Prezi?
I already found a function that would do this, but only with desktop pc’s.

Is there a workaround?

Thank you


Hi @Hendryk_Linn, I’m afraid phones and tablets can only be used as clickers when connected to a computer, please see the relevant article about the feature. Sorry for any inconvenience!


Thanks for your reply. Is there a feature planned for the future?


Implementing this feature is currently not on our roadmap but we agree that it would be useful indeed and will post any updates in this thread.


Please add it to your roadmap. To not be able to present on an iPad and click on an iPhone is quite frustrating. To not be able to edit on an iPad is quite intriguing too.

In fact, while viewing your YouTube videos on “presenting with iPhone or iPad”, I found that whoever writes from the Prezi account, has said “yes, it should work” to a question about presenting from iPad and clicking from iPhone. This is distressing to the maximum - to find out that the Prezi customer support doesn’t know what their app does or doesn’t do.


@esaruoho We are sorry for the misleading response on Youtube.

While it is indeed possible to connect your iPad to a TV screen and present from the tablet, you need a PC with the desktop application installed if you would like to use your phone as a clicker.