How do I use my phone as a remote?

What do you mean? This entire article talks about how you use bluetooth between the computer and your phone. That is a very unstable and uncertain way to communicate between a phone and a computer. Especially on a stage, where the computer more often than seldom, is a stationary computer without Bluetooth, and even if it has, the range between the stage and the computer is to far for Bluetooth to reach.

The smart and genius function you had, but no longer has, is this (from Prezi Classic).

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Hi @Simon_Simonsson, thanks for your feedback.

Please note that we only offer a remote clicker function for Prezi Next via Bluetooth. This can be used even if you have no WiFi network available at the location of your presentation.

Yes, i do understand that, but as mentioned, THAT is the issue. The kick ass function in the old version was that it was a online clicker, without need of direct connection to the presentation, you only needed a phone with a internet connection, and you were game, Bluetooth sucks when you become dependent on a fickle bluetooth connection with weak reception or long distances like in stages.

Thanks for the feedback @Simon_Simonsson, I’ll forward it to our product team.

For your knowledge, that would actually be a dealbreaker for me to go pro or not. That single feature makes your product stand out from basically all other products.
Until then, I’ll leach with the free version.


As a long-time Prezi Premium/Pro user (since 2014), I agree with Simon_Simonsson 100%.
This feature (iPad connected to projector, iPhone used as a clicker for the iPad) is the feature I use most when I need to do presentations abroad and it worked perfectly with Prezi Classic (as it does with other Apps like Keynote, with my iPad).

This situation for me is also a dealbreaker, as I don’t have a computer with me (only my iPad) when I do my presentations abroad. Any news about this possibility now? Thank you very much!

I have a brand new Microsoft Surface Pro 8, running windows 11 Home Edition. Blutooth is connected for both devices, in fact my Iphone connecting to the Surface is brand new as well. It shows that the surface recognizes the iphone is connected to blutooth. Both devices are synced and working fine. Blutooth works with everything else, but then when i try to “start remote” presentation. It says they are not connected, when they absolutely are connected. So I tried unsyncing the computer with my phone, to see if it being synced to the computer was the problem, still did not work.

Both devices are on the same wifi. Both have blutooth enabled. Still cannot use the “remote” presentation. Please help.

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