How do I use the "100+ Free Educational Graphics"?

I downloaded an unzipped the set of graphics made by Prezzip bet apparently advertised by Prezi. How do I use it? I have searched for answer and read that “Prezzip is an external company”. But their web-page does not work, and the Prezi logo was all over the download, so I hope to be able to get an answer from Prezi… Thanks!

Hey, i think the problem is, how can we use the graphics in prezi desktop for example? is it just to import like other graphics from a folder, or can we use it like the other styles from the “symbols & shapes” library? If yes, where should we paste the folders? thx Gerrit

Hello Schul-Sozial -Pädagogik am ASG Sömmerda,

i would recommend the option through INSERT> FAVOURITE. The symbols you have i would convert them to .swf files and then import. Then you have your own library with custom symbols. So no folders only converted symbols you have downloaded.

Have fun,